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Final Touch

Our very first project was a residential for Mr. Grover and we have come a long way since. The projects we have completed so far includes Mr. Grover, Mr. Shashikant Parakh, Mr. Jayant Bhatambrekar, Mr. Sanjay Bhatambrekar, Mr. Vijay Bhatambrekar, Mr. Dhokare, Dr. Trivedi, Mr. Laturkar, Mr. Pathak, Mr. Chajjed, Mr. Prashant Patil, Dr. Shelar, Dr. Ostwal, Mr. Nitin Bhosale, Mr. Nakil, Mr. Subramaniam,

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Pathak consultancy, a very reliable service.

Dr. Kailas Kamod

Fabulous people to work with. They have a highly efficient team that gets the work done quickly. Quality of work is never compromised on so you’re always pleasantly surprised!

Siddhant Pawar

A great culture of autonomy, family, loyalty, flexibility, stability & productivity. Light on administrative procedures / Heavy on customer focused solutions. Awesome morale & encouragement. It was the best working environment I've ever experienced.

Vijay D. Patil

Really appreciable consultancy.

Prashant Lodha

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